We are a nonpartisan social movement solely focused on galvanizing voters to go to the polls and vote for candidates who will support climate change legislation.

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Your Vote Counts

We have the potential to be the most powerful voting bloc this November and to swing every close election.

All we have to do is vote.

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Climate change requires government leadership.  We can't solve this problem alone as individual citizens.  The type of legislation needed to address climate change has already proven successful in the past in solving major global environmental problems, including acid rain and ozone depletion.  These efforts have been bipartisan, and once passed into law, have used free-market incentives to solve the problems more quickly and at significantly lower costs than detractors had predicted.

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For voter registration information state-by-state, OurTime has good instructions for voter registration rules by state.

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OnlyOneClimate.org is a non-profit social movement to force federal legislative action on climate change by turning out the 18-34 yr-old millenial vote for the November 4, 2014 election.  We are nonpartisan, and solely focused on electing candidates who will support climate change legislation.